Sundays 10:00 AM

(Coffee and Kid's Ministry Check-in open from 9:35 AM)

63 Spencer Street, Cockburn Central

We have a God who speaks! He spoke creation into existence, He spoke through prophets and apostles, He has spoken to us by his Son (Jesus), and he still speaks today by his Spirit through his written Word – the Bible. 

Every week at Gateway, the Bible is read, explained, and applied to our lives because though it we can know God, hear of his great love for us, and grow in our faith as we learn to follow him together. 

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God made everything, and he made you too.

All the things you see, all the sounds you hear. Every good thing you know has come from Him. He governs all things and He knows what you need. God was even there with you even in the hard times too. He is able to convert sorrow to joy; tears to laughter; weakness to strength.

You can trust unswervingly that God is wonderfully and incomparably good because He sent Jesus.

Jesus came to show and tell us how good God really is. Jesus loves, he cares, he serves, he builds people up. And then he went to the Cross.

Do you know that the death he died had the purpose of paying for sins? Your sins too. On the cross, Jesus declared that payment for sin was made, and when he rose again, he proved his claim was valid. Because of Jesus, God is proud to call you His very own.

Jesus is both King + Saviour, and He came to show you how wonderful God is. The Spirit of God is at work today, broadcasting the good news of Jesus and giving people hope in hard days.

Ministry Activities

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ShedMen exists to encourage men to build relationships with peers in a wholesome workshop environment at the Canning Vale factory unit. There we engage in all types of projects such as mechanical repairs, metalwork and woodwork projects or just talking over a cuppa. We have kitchen and toilet facilities and adequate parking. Our only rules are no stress, no judgement and keep it clean. So come along for a look and bring a mate! Open 8am till 3pm, Monday to Friday. Call Andy for more details [0417958095]. [Note: currently closed due to COVID-19 Restrictions].

Home Groups

HomeGroups exist to share life and encourage each other with God’s biblical truth. HomeGroups meet on an evening mid-week. It includes sharing in the study of Scripture, but also sharing life, wisdom, experience, pains, and burdens. If you’re after linking in to a group, please call Craig for further details [0433232959].

Forge [Mens Group]

The Forge is used by the smith to heat a piece of metal to such a temperature that it becomes easier to shape. In the Forge at Gateway, God uses both the Scriptures and the gents present to heat each other up to such a degree that we too become easier to shape after the Lord Jesus himself. Wednesday nights from 7PM. Call Craig for further [0433232959].

KYB - Women's Bible Study

KYB stands for ‘Know Your Bible,’ and this is exactly what we do. The wonderful thing is, we don’t need to learn alone – we learn together! If you’re free Tuesday morning, and would like to see how practically the Scriptures reveal God’s character and plan for our lives in Jesus, join us for friendly, round-the-table discussion over a cuppa. For all ages! Call Jenny for further details [0415267874]

Craft Group

Do you paint? Knit? Crochet? Draw? Colour in? Scrap book? And can you do one of these while having a tea, coffee, bite and a laugh? Then why not come along to Craft Group! A bunch of ladies hang out together + just do their thing. It’s not a competition, and you don’t have to be a Michael Angelo. You just need to enjoy a morning to relax + unwind together. We’d love you to come along, so if you’re interested please call Jaq for further details [0414755952].

BackYard Mission

Sometimes things need to get done and you just can’t get it done yourself. We’d like to see if we can help! If you’ve got a small job that you and your family cannot do yourself, and you think a few able-bodied people could knock it out in a morning, then call us + let us see if we can help you see it done. Call John for more details [0416565568].