Craig Verdouw, Psalms, Sermon

Psalm 51 | Mercifully Restored

 February 15, 2021

By Craig Verdouw

Are your Failures forgiven?

This weekend we turn to a Psalm that is almost as infamous as it is famous. It's the Psalm of Confession that followed King David's murder and adultery. Whether you've murdered or committed adultery or not is neither here nor there: the fact that we each have sin to confess is front and centre. How do I feel about my sin? How do you feel about yours? Sometimes we feel horrible; other times we barely blink and feel far from remorse. And wait just a minute - aren't we forgiven? What is 'the' appropriate action post-sin, post-Jesus? This week we'll uncover the Psalm that will tell us more. Tune in and we hope to see you Sunday!