April 24, 2020

By paullwebster

Prayer points for May


1.    Spiritual Confusion“The gods must be angry” is what 90% of tribal people believe about the COVID 19 pandemic. Our evangelists are trying their best to teach them to teach about a God of love and mercy, who is full of grace. PRAY FOR THE HOLY SPIRIT TO WORK WITH POWER – SO PEOPLE’S HEARTS WILL BE OPEN TO LOVE OF GOD IN CHRIST.

2.    Physical trials.  Terrible hunger has affected many. Some 80% of the believers are very poor. Many are landless, so only rely on unskilled labouring for their source of income. The World Transform “Food for a Family for a Week” emergency project has blessed many believers and unbelievers alike. Pray that God would bless the efforts to show the love of Christ in providing food for those with critical need. It is also a great opportunity to showing compassionate concern in the name of Jesus. PRAY THAT PEOPLE HUNGER FOR THE BREAD OF LIFE.

3.    Emotional Issues. There’s confusion in the isolation. Sunday worship, mid week meetings etc have not been able to be held. Pray for young believers in their isolation. PRAY FOR YOUNG BELIEVERS TO TRUST CHRIST ALONE in these difficult days. Many migrant labourers are stranded far from home and can’t return because of travel bans. Families are torn apart and there is fear about loved ones. PRAY FOR THOSE WHO ARE ANXIOUS AND DISTRESSED. 

Not only is there a public health emergency across the globe because of the COVID-19 pandemic, acute hunger is hurting the poorest of the daily labourers who (because of lockdowns) have no work, no income and no means of obtaining food.
World Transform is prioritizing hundreds of marginalized people living in poverty in Central Western India. We are able to provide essentials to reach at least 750 families (known to our partners) who are starving right now. The Indian government has no job-keeper programs. They do not have the funds or capacity to be able to provide food essentials. We will start giving food this week!
World Transform is appealing to all families in the CRCA to suggest to “Feed a Family” for a week.
Christians and non-Christians will be helped in the precious name of Jesus.
What can be done?
Deacons: If you would like to contribute, please send a gift by EFT to the WT account.
World Transform.
BSB 037 608 A/c No: 131745
Write: “FOOD” in message
Families: Consider giving $15 to feed one family for a whole week. Send by EFT

Update from Ireland

Dear Family and Friends, Greeting from a finally sunny Ballina! Spring is here and it feels great to have a bit of sun after months of rain, cold and grey! Like most of you, we are in lockdown here in Ireland. Schools closed on the 13 March and things have progressively got stricter since then. We are to stay within 2 kms of home, unless you need to travel more to reach your local supermarket or medical care. The area is being very well policed including stopping people going to parks, beach etc. We are thankful that we have a large backyard and live on a quiet country lane which is great for walks and for the kids exploring old abandoned farms and bogland. We are in good spirits and thankful for our hobbies which are keeping us amused with the extra time we have on our hands.

Church has been able to adjust to the social distancing. We are meeting for bible studies and prayer via zoom and have been able to sort out Sunday sermon and songs online. We are thankful for the technology, but please pray for those who are less connected due to their reluctance to use technology. Being extroverts we are missing the face to face interaction. Brendan who usually hates grocery shopping now likes going out in the hope of running into someone he knows!

We were supposed to be travelling to Australia Wed 22nd April to begin our Sabbatical, followed by our Home Assignment. Unfortunately, our flights are cancelled, and we have postponed the trip until things have gone back to normal (whenever that will be!). We are pretty disappointed and have really felt like this time in Australia is just what we needed after having a such a difficult run with Brendan’s health the last 7 months. Our teammates, the Wilson family are still in Australia, they were due to come back to Ireland a couple of weeks ago but are staying in Australia until things open up for them to come back here. Please pray for them during this extended time in Australia, living in temporary accommodation. Dave is thankfully going to begin a preaching series on Esther which we will begin in our church this Sunday. Brendan’s health still continues to be a struggle. The drug he is trying takes months to get up the recommended dose, so there is still another 5 weeks or so until we know if it will make a difference.

Please continue to pray for healing and for wisdom on what to do next in regard to his health, it is a trying time and he is not able to do a lot of what he would normally do. Thanks for your continued support and prayer, we really appreciate it! Please let us know how we can be praying for any of your particular needs.

Love Brendan, Carinne, Kian, Rory, Ryder & Arwen