Peter Abetz, Romans, Romans 1 – 13

Romans 8:31–39 | More Than Conquerers.

 July 13, 2020

By Peter Abetz

Life can be tough.  In fact, it can be incredibly distressing, painful and frustrating.  Yes, even for those who walk faithfully with their God. As believers, we live in a fallen world as much as the unbeliever.  So we experience the untimely death of a loved one, to persecution for being a follower of Christ.  That is reality.  But Paul reminds us in today's passage that there is simply nothing in the universe that has the power to separate us from God's love for us.  If ever we doubt this, all we need to do is look back to the wondrous work of God's salvation.  The lengths that God went to, to ensure our salvation, should serve as a powerful assurance that he will never leave us nor forsake us.  Our God is committed to our eternal well-being!
Romans 8:31-39