Peter Abetz, Sermon, Vision & the 5 M's

Ministry – Serving One Another

 August 16, 2021

By Peter Abetz

In the past weeks we have been working our way through the 5 Ms - Today' M is for Ministry.  Ministry is a 'churchy' word, that simply really means serving others.   From Romans 12 and the other 'spiritual gifts' passages we learn that every believer receives at least one Spiritual Gift, which each of us is obliged to use to serve the body of Christ, and thus further build and strengthen God's Kingdom.  Our service is not to be just mechanical or tokenistic, but rather it is to be performed 'in view of God's mercy'.  That means out of thankfulness for what Jesus Christ, the Giver of the gifts has accomplished for us.  If we all have that attitude and motivation, our ministries will accomplish great things for Jesus and his Kingdom!  Come and get in on the action!