Craig Verdouw, Sermon, Vision & the 5 M's

Membership: Your Highest Calling

 August 2, 2021

By Craig Verdouw

This week, we look at the second of the 5 M's: Membership. Our text says that we form One Body.
"One".... "Body"
The body of Jesus, living in unity under Him, for Him..... actively.
I wonder, how important is this to each of us? How vital is it to each of us that Jesus' body prospers together?
We put many, many hours into work; many hours into sports; many hours into building our social media status... now what about church?
Our passage talks about each part being utterly important to serving the wider body, and good golly, what a joy to be used by Jesus right?
Could there be anything better than being joined to Him and serving those whom He bled and died and rose for?