Craig Verdouw, Sermon, Vision & the 5 M's

Maturity – helping each other towards Jesus

 August 9, 2021

By Craig Verdouw

It has to be a wonderful hope for the Christian that God has already declared us perfect, and he did that before we lifted a finger. It's not that we WERE or even ARE perfect; but rather, that God met us where we were at, and called us 'perfect'. So it's true. Because God said it is true. Yet is also true that while we are 'positionally' declared perfect, 'conditionally' we are not perfect. God is growing us towards that which he has made us. Therefore Christians should expect to change. We grow, spiritually speaking that is! At least, that's what should happen. Maturity is the word we use for spiritual growth, and it's a church thing, not an individual thing. It's a "one-team-together" thing. You see, Jesus poured a diversity of roles and gifts into his Church, so that His Church will help His church grow into Him. This week, as we continue our looking into the 5M's of Church Life, we look at Church growth ;not in terms of numbers; but in terms of a life-changing comprehension of Jesus, Saviour and King. It's a life-long process, and one we will do together.