Craig Verdouw, One offs, One-Offs 2020, Sermon

Mark 11:1–11 | Hosanna or Crucify? | Palm Sunday Online Service

 April 5, 2020

By Craig Verdouw

"Hosanna" or "Crucify Him?"

In the lead up to Easter, over the next two services we're going to eavesdrop on two crowds. The first cried, 'Hosanna!', meaning 'Save Us!' The second, called for his blood.

You are part of this Church family, but much more importantly, are you part of His family? Does your life, day by day or week by week, echo the cry to the King of Kings, 'Save me?!' In this next service, we'll hear God's word remind us that Jesus to do just that - Save. Hosanna to the King of Kings, Amen?

This Week's Sermon Text: Mark 11:1-11