Planning a visit?

Here's what you can expect

It can be daunting showing up to a new place, but we want to do as much as we can to put you at ease. Below, we have tried to answer some questions you might have. Please contact us if you need any more information.

You’ll find us at:
Gateway Community Church
63 Spencer Street,
Cockburn Central WA 6164

Where do I park?

While we do have parking bays available on our premises, they do fill up fast. If our parking is full, you can still find space along Spencer Street. However, we do encourage you to be aware of traffic and ask that you stay clear of our neighbour's driveways

How long does church go for?

You can expect the service to be around an hour and fifteen minutes – rarely more, sometimes less, so you'll be home in time for lunch. If you aren't in a rush to get away you're we would love for you to stick around for morning tea after the service. We'd love offer you a coffee and to get to know you!

What happens during the church service?

Church services at Gateway are fairly simple. It's all centred on the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

  • Jesus has saved us and God calls us to worship him. So as his church we sing songs that praise God for his goodness and grace.
  • We share announcements of things coming up in the life of our church and we pray to God for the needs of the people in our church, for those of our city, nation, and for the world.
  • We have the opportunity to support the financial needs of gospel work both locally and abroad. So we give with generosity to those needs. – Don't worry, as our guest, there is absolutely no obligation for you to contribute.
  • We listen and follow along as someone reads a portion of the Bible, and we listen to God's word explained and applied to our lives. 
  • And, we get to know each other better as we build community around the person and message of Jesus Christ.

We won't put you on the spot or ask you to introduce yourself, and we won't ask for your money. 

What time should I get there & How should I dress?

While we officially start the service at 10:00am, we believe our church gathering starts as soon as you park the car, because church is not an event, it's people.

So, we invite you to come a little earlier (from 9:30am) to grab a free coffee from our café, register and check-in your children for Gateway Kids Church, and settle in before the band starts up and the service gets going.

Wondering what to wear? no worries, dress like you would if you were going to the shops. – No need to get all formal, but if that's who you are you're welcome too!

What do I do with my kids?

If you feel your kids are too noisy and distracting to be in church, they're not!  We encourage you to bring your children with you into church, they are welcome! But if you feel they are being too noisy or distracting there is a parents room accessible from the foyer entry with couches, toys, and room for your baby or toddler to play while you can still see and hear whats going on in church - so no one has to miss out.

All ages join us in our worship services, but during the school term we also run Gateway Kid's Church for children aged from Kindy - year 2.

We encourage you to register and check-in for Kid's Church as you arrive to church. During the service an announcement will me made to let you know when kid's will be led to out to Kid's Church. There they will sing songs, hear a bible lesson, and enjoy an activity or craft related to their lesson.

We want all our kids to be kept safe and cared for well. So, we ensure all our leaders:

  1. love Jesus and love Children
  2. have a government Working With Children Check and complete our organisation's ChildSafe training modules.