Craig Verdouw, Romans, Romans 1 – 13, Sermon

Romans 7:21–8:4 | Guilty Or Not Guilty?

 May 17, 2020

By Craig Verdouw

Despite indwelling sin and living amongst daily failures, God’s verdict on Christians is “NOT GUILTY.” He is very, very loud about this. Not guilty. Not condemned. This is because the punishment has been fully spent, completely exhausted, poured in full measure on Christ. But we were not freed to remain enslaved. The door wasn’t unlocked for us to remain in prison. Are you in Christ - or are you in prison? Christians need not be in both; Christians cannot be in both.

Text: Romans 7:21-8:4


Are you m issing your friends? It's hard but Jesus is there for you.

I hope you will enjoy this weeks video message titled "Jesus is our safe place". 

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