Craig Verdouw, Romans, Romans 1 – 13, Sermon

Romans 1:18–23 | God’s Wrath Against Our Sinfulness

 January 19, 2020

By Craig Verdouw

The Wrath of God against Sinful Humanity.

The result of rejecting the True God clearly seen.

The sermon last week taught us about the power of God ‘for salvation’... in other words, God has power to save us! Now, this begs the question, 'Why do we need saving in the first place?' This week’s message unveils the disturbing but nevertheless true reality of the existence of God’s wrath, and its wrath for a reason. For even though God has made himself plainly seen, mankind has exchanged 'Him' for 'things.' Christians walk in a world with their eyes pointed downward at creation and glorifying earthly things. Whom or what do we give glory to? How can we tell where our hearts lie? This week we unpack vs 18-23 in the hope that we'll ask God to refund our bad choices and exchange 'things' for 'Him' again.

Romans 1.18-23.