Craig Verdouw, Romans, Romans 1 – 13, Sermon

Romans 9:14–23 | God is, so God can

 August 9, 2020

By Craig Verdouw

This weekend as we continue in the theme of election in Romans, our text leads us to pottery that talks back.... No joke. Insubordinate clay! Specifically, people that think themselves wise enough to challenge the God of all ages on his ability to judge mankind. Now, in today’s day + age insubordination isn’t all that surprising: Citizens ridicule authorities; Media scrutinizes government; Employees backchat employers. But O the Incredulous audacity that the created would think itself wiser than the creator?! This week we’ll read about God’s reasoning in the area of election, and we’ll find that his reasons are his own, and for his glory alone. If we don’t like it... well... come and find out your options.
Romans 9:14-23