Craig Verdouw, Psalms

Psalm 116 | From God, Comes Our Deliverance

 January 11, 2021

By Craig Verdouw
This week we look at (and listen to) Psalm 116. Psalms carry truth, emotion and teaching in equal measure - this week we hope to listen in on the argument that this Psalm presents: that from God, comes our deliverance, both physically and spiritually in Christ eternally and in our day to day struggles. Why did he? Two reasons are given in our text:
  1. That we may walk before the Lord now - this very moment - today - this week - this year; and
  2. That we may thank Him and call on His name.
Maybe you’re in hardship now. Maybe you haven’t yet seen the light that the Psalmist claims, has followed his cloudy day.
This Psalm is an eye-opener. Check-in Sunday, and may the Psalmist encourage you + I + us all together. Blessing church family!