Craig Verdouw, Keeping the Commands of Christ, Sermon

Don’t Worship God Wrongly

 October 4, 2021

By Craig Verdouw

How do you worship God? ''As I feel like" is actually not a valid answer. What the answer is, is ''as God asks.'' Throughout most of history the God of the Bible has been worshipped, but so often wrongly. The second commandment has the purpose of letting us know that wrong worship is not on. Yet like every command and precept of God, there are really good reasons for it. It's not just about God's desire [though it IS, and IS the MOST important reason!] But it's also for immensely logical, practical, and beneficial reasons. Let's repeat that: God's honour and glory are enough of a reason, and the most important reason -  but once again, a steady look into the command will show how good God is to give a command so beneficial to humanity. This weekend, come to worship, and consider worship, and consider how we worship, and consider how God says we should worship.