Craig Verdouw, Romans, Romans 1 – 13, Sermon

Romans 7:1–13 | Dead to the Law; Bound to Christ.

 May 3, 2020

By Craig Verdouw

Maybe you've had a similar relationship to the Bible as I have had in time past. You pick up the Bible, open it's pages, and within a minute it's words condemn you. Because they aren't you... exactly The Christian believer within its pages doesn't describe you. The holiness within isn't mirrored by you. We fall short of the charge, 'Be perfect as your Heavenly Father is perfect.' The problem is, we're approaching Scripture in the wrong way. We're not meant to approach it to see if we've lived up to it; but rather to approach it to see how Christ has lived up to it, and we too have done so in him, and now we're free to pursue life as God decrees.This week we see that the ultimate purpose of the law, and indeed the whole Bible, is to direct us to life in Christ.

Romans 7:1-13

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