Craig Verdouw, Romans, Romans 14–16, Sermon

Romans 15: 23 – 16:16 | Commitment to Gospel Partnerships

 June 21, 2021

By Craig Verdouw

Romans 15: 23 - 16:16

Sharing is Caring. Freely receiving, freely giving. We have multiple ways of saying the same thing: a good relationship has both giving and taking. In our text on Sunday we’ll be looking at the call to generosity (especially to the poor and needy) across Christian platforms. In other words, our text raises the banner for gospel partnerships - across schools, churches, ministries, and more. It’s not easy to give up our time and money and energy and free nights and free weekends; but what if they were for those who love Jesus and are committed to sharing his work? This weekend we look at what we have to give, who needs it, and why we might be pleased to give it up in obedience.