When A Food Crisis Leads To A faith Crisis

Life doesn’t always land the way we would like. For the Christian, the cut can sting a little more because we know we’re God’s children – shouldn’t things land well for us? When the hard times come, we have the opportunity to look back and remember God provided for us in our largest problem yet. We can trust him, in faith that he knows exactly what he’s doing.

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The Pursuit of Newness

Jesus calls God’s children away from old habits and into new habits.
He can do that because he grants new hearts that point away from old behaviour that is destructive and sets those hearts on a new life that actively pursues God! Sounds ripper in theory, right?! Here’s the truth: Our outside gives away what’s really going on ‘inside’. Are we really pursuing the godly change that Christ offers? What does your outside reveal? Read ahead Eph 4:17-32.

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The Massive Upheaval of Christmas

The birth of a baby in a manger, who goes on to be the most influential person who ever lived, is easy to celebrate, irrespective of one’s faith position. But Christmas is actually about the fact that this baby, Jesus turned the world upside down both socially and politically.  It reminds us that Advent is about […]

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Call To Repentance

John The Baptist – Call To Repentance In Australia, everyone likes to celebrate Christmas – believers and unbelievers alike!  But what are people celebrating?  John the Baptist’s task was to prepare the way for the coming of the Messiah, and that required him to call people to repentance.  If we do not heed John the […]

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Service for todays disciples

  This Sunday We Welcome Tony van Drimmelen to Preach from Luke 17 What does service for a present-day disciple of Jesus look like? You probably know, the original disciples didn’t have halos or harps and sit around all day at Jesus’ feet. They struggled with the kinds of demands placed upon them, so they […]

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