Craig Verdouw, Psalms, Sermon

Psalm 23 | Are You Being Led?

 January 24, 2021

By Craig Verdouw
This weekend we move to arguably the most famous Psalm in the Bible. A Psalm, so well known it's even made into secular cinema. But why is it so famous? Because of its claims of refreshment + protection. Rest + safety. Care + provision. 2 of the most sought after treasures to be found in this life. The troubling thought is - 'why am I not feeling like I have these?' Why am I not refreshed? Why am I not always recharged, upbeat, winning? Why do I not feel secure, supplied and provided for? As we sit under Psalm 23 this week, a question to ask of ourselves, before we point our fingers at God, is this: did I want to be led? Is that what I asked for? Is that my greatest hope in life? Or was this hope crowded out by the fleeting and temporary earthly treasures? As we pause and ponder the glory of Jesus as God's provided Great Shepherd, we'll reassess who or what we actually want to be led by. 2021 - the year to be led by the King of Kings!.