About Us

At Gateway Community Church we seek to be a radically transformed people lovingly embodying Jesus to the City of Cockburn.

To do this, we want to be an engaging, friendly and healthy church. We want to help more and more people to grow in their knowledge of and love for Jesus. We want to see the formation of more and more Christian communities, and that these in turn would become other healthy churches in this area and beyond.

There are three key areas of activity which are of core importance here:


We are committed to training and equipping the church to do ministry. We will help people discover their spiritual gifts, then help them grow those gifts so together we can serve God better. We will encourage each other and hold each other accountable to Godly character and skill development.


We are committed to reaching people who are outside Gods’ kingdom (Luke 19:10). We will prayerfully strategize ways of reaching our non–Christian friends, neighbours and community.


We are committed to helping people grow to mature faith in Jesus Christ (Eph. 4:12,13). We will encourage people to grow in their knowledge of God’s word and in living out His grace in their lives. Our goal is to see everyone growing in the fruit of the Spirit (Gal. 5:22), in faith, obedience and trust. We desire to build an environment of encouragement and Christlike love where growth can flourish.