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The Offerings of Gratitude

“The Offerings of Gratitude” in Numbers 15:1-21 This passage is all about offerings to be made to the Lord when they arrive in Canaan – and this, at first view, is a bit of a puzzle. Consider: the previous four chapters are in a narrative genre and suddenly we encounter more Laws from Yahweh! Why? Consider also: These […]

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Unity In Diversity

We welcome Craig Verdouw who talks to us about unity in diversity. In Christ, we each, as different members, have different roles. In other words, the church is one body, but many parts. In a world where most groups assemble only due to similarity, the church can stand united precisely because of diversity.

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Gods Amazing Banquet

Jesus tells a story of a rich man who made elaborate preparations for a wonderful banquet. It was no last-minute gathering, not just throw a few extra snags on the barbie; but a feast of abundance and magnificence that took weeks, if not months, to prepare. God spares no expense in the banquet he has […]

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